Planting Seeds at Nature Connect


It’s Spring and time to plant.  Two beginning gardeners learn that when you plant a seed in soil, you get a plant that can turn into corn, green beans, sunflowers, basil, and other good plants pictured on that colorful seed packet.

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MANGA Sneak Peek at North Hill


Find Your New Favorite Manga 2Here’s a sneak peak at North Hill’s summer reading program’s theme.   Come join us this summer to see for yourself and find something new to read!  Display is being created by Allie Elliott.

Display will be up in June at North Hill.


Planning a Wedding?


Planning a wedding?  North Hill has books, DVD’s, and music CD’s to help you make those important decisions about “THE DRESS,” flowers, music, invitations, wedding customs, and more.

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Get Your Game On



 Choose some fun activities to do with your children this summer.


Picture3Get Your Game On Display for Children's Activities








North Hill Preschool Playtime


Sally shows plants 1Sally Bailey, North Hill’s children’s librarian, encourages children to sniff rosemary and taste chives.








April 21 2015 Nature Connect 4
April 21 2015 Nature Connect 3 April 21 2015 Nature Connect 2
Although the children were a little shy at first, they are soon reaching for the herbs and sharing them with each other.






















Nature Connect at North Hill


Sally and Juli planting Sally and Juli full face Sally and Juli exchange glancesSally Bailey, children’s librarian, and Julianne Sample PSA II plant flowers for the first step of this summer’s Nature Connect program.


Preschool Play Group at North Hill


Lots of toys. Lots of fun.  A great way for children to play together with plenty of adult supervision.

Play time Play group at North Hill March 24, 2015 1 PlayGroup 3-24-2015 2


Free Computer Classes at North Hill


Free Computer Classes at North Hill Branch Library    

April 21-23  2-3:30 pm

Join us the week of April 21st  for hands-on computer classes.  Please plan to arrive at least one half hour before classes are scheduled to begin.  Classes are free, hands-on, and limited to 15 participants.

Tuesday, April 21–MS Word, Part I: Creating & Editing Documents

Wednesday, April 22–MS Word, Part 2: Formatting Text & Paragraphs

Thursday, April 23–MS Word, Part 3: More Useful Formatting Tools



Beverly Cleary Book Display


Beverly Cleary display wide







Beverly Cleary, the beloved author of the Ramona Quimby children’s books, will turn 99 on April 12.

 And she still has that impish Ramona smile.



two girls

Below are a few of the  “Ramona” books on display in the children’s section.

Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary

Ramona the BraveSix-year-old Ramona tries to cope with an unsympathetic first-grade teacher. In this touching and funny story, the ebullient Ramona, feeling brave and grown-up, enters first grade. Quickly she finds that her new teacher, Mrs. Griggs, appears perplexed by pupils who like to be different. Since Ramona cannot help being different, clearly the two are incompatible. Nevertheless, Ramona can be counted on to keep things lively.





Otis Spofford by Beverly Cleary

Otis SpoffordWhen it comes to stirring up a little excitement in class, Otis Spofford knows just what to do. He can turn a folk dance fiesta into a three-ring circus, or an arithmetic lesson into a spitball marathon. Even his friends George and Stewy can’t keep up when it comes to Otis’s mischief. Best of all, Otis likes teasing Ellen Tebbits. She’s so neat and well-behaved–there’s something irresistible about making Ellen mad! But when Otis’s teasing goes too far, he feels sorry . . . and then nervous. For now Ellen isn’t just mad . . . she’s planning something! Beloved author Beverly Cleary brings real understanding to this wonderful story of a “bad boy.”


Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary

Ellen TebbitsEllen Tebbits has an embarrassing secret that she’ll never share with anyone. That is, until she meets Austine–and discovers that Austine has the exact same secret! Soon the girls are best friends who do everything to­gether–attending dance class, riding horses, and dodging pesky Otis Spofford, the neighborhood troublemaker. But then Ellen does something terrible . . . and now Austine isn’t speaking to her. Ellen desperately wants her best friend back. How can she show Austine how sorry she is? Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary brings her warm humor to this funny story of a girl readers will recognize–and love.



Socks by Beverly Cleary

SocksSocks is one very happy cat. He lives the good life with his nice young owners, Mr. and Mrs. Bricker. They play with him whenever he wants, feed him special treats, and always pet and scratch him when he curls up in their warm laps.Then a new baby arrives. Suddenly little Charles William is the one getting all the love and attention. Socks feels completely left out. To show how he feels about the new addition to the Bricker family, Socks starts getting into all sorts of trouble–with tomcats, phantom dogs, even Nana’s best wig. It’s not until Socks rescues Charles William from big, big trouble that Socks realizes just how much the Brickers truly want to keep him in the family.


In addition to her books, try these wonderful Books on CD!

Ramona Forever!  (sound recording)

Ramona ForeverRamona’s life changes the moment Howie Kemp’s mysterious uncle arrives from Saudi Arabia.  Howie and his sister, Willa Jean, talk only about Uncle Hobart.  Ramona’s mother makes secret phone calls and stops eating dessert, and Aunt Bea is hiding something, too. Whatever surprises are in store, Ramona is determined to be happy and helpful. Whether she’s pleasant or pesty, brave or blunderful, she’s always wonderful Ramona–forever!



Ralph S. Mouse  (sound recording)

Ralph S. MouseFed up with his family, Ralph decides to hop on his motorcycle and head down the road to Happy Acres Camp. Unfortunately, life at camp is not all peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! A strict watchdog, a mouse-hungry cat, and a troubled boy named Garf keep Ralph on his toes and away from his precious motorcycle. Perhaps home is not such a bad place to be, if only Ralph can find a way to get there again!


Check out this fun website:

“The World of Beverly Cleary.”


Autism Awareness Month


North Hill’s Parent-Teacher area has a display of books to help people who want to know more about Autism Spectrum Disorders.   Below are a few of the books about autism at North Hill.

North Hill Autism 1


autism 42 7

Autism 24/7 by Andy Bondy and Lori Frost

If your son or daughter is over-stimulated by noisy places or has trouble communicating or interacting with people, then everyday activities like going to the playground or helping out with household chores may seem outside your child’s repertoire. The authors, founders of the award-winning Pyramid Approach to educating children with autism, show how it is possible to keep family life running smoothly and teach a child with autism to participate in important and routine family activities at home and in the neighborhood.



Early indentification of autism

The Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders by Patricia O’Brien Towle

Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as early as possible can have a significant, positive impact on the child’s journey to adaptation and independence. Yet too few diagnoses take place at an early, developmentally crucial stage. This unique visual guide aims to equip readers with the skills to recognize ASD in children as young as 15-18 months old.




A practical guide ot autismA Practical Guide to Autism: What every parent, family member, and teacher needs to know by Fred Volkmar and Lisa Wiesner.  This book provides the best and most comprehensive information about recent scientific developments and a splendid practical guide for how they are being implemented and what we are learning in the process. The issues are presented in all of their complexity but translated into language that is clear, direct, and easy to follow. The format also lends itself to understanding the complex issues and their implications through excellent charts, question and answer sections, and chapters that vary from describing diagnostic issues to stating very specifically how to expand and evaluate the services one is receiving.



Could it be autismCould It Be Autism? : A parent’s guide to the first signs and next steps by Nancy D. Wiseman with Kim Painter Koffsky

This book provides vital information so you can recognize the red flags of developmental delays and begin treatment based on those first signs. Nancy Wiseman is the founder and president of First Signs, the organization dedicated to educating parents, clinicians, and physicians on the early identification of and intervention for developmental delays. She is also the mother of a child who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, and she draws on her own experiences as well as the latest research to present real strategies.




gluten-free KidsGluten-Free Kids : raising happy, healthy children with celiac disease, autism, and other conditions by Danna Korn.

Written by a nationally renowned authority on gluten-free living and the mother of a son with celiac disease, Gluten-Free Kids is full of practical strategies and reassuring tips to help teach children with celiac disease manage behavior, and more. Danna Korn also gives advice to families who need to introduce the diet to a child with autism or Down syndrome, poor impulse control, or sensory issues. The author’s expertise, can-do attitude, and focus on good nutrition gives anyone confidence and know-how to maintain the GF diet, especially those who need to be gluten-free for a lifetime.



Autism Society of Greater Akron

701 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44311