Akron Zoo visits North Hill


Deb from the Akron Zoo enchants children with lizards and snakes as part of the Akron Zoo Education Outreach Program.

Sally Bailey enjoyed the unique experience of having a snake draped around her neck.  “You could really feel every muscle packed into its body.”

Showing lizard to group 2



showing lizard to little girlSnake and Zookeeper Sally and snake


If You Had A Super Power . . .

If I had a superpower



At the beginning of the summer, we asked:  “If you had a super power, what would it be?”

This is what you wrote:






I want to

  • Fill each one I meet with love
  • Have self-confidence
  • Heal people
  • Bring Paul Walker back to life
  • Tell people how I feel without words
  • Put the kids to sleep with a snap of the fingers
  • Be ultra-flexible so I can itch my back
  • Understand and speak any language
  • Make people feel good about themselves


To have superpowers like

  • The Hulk
  • Supergirl
  • Spiderman
  • Barbie (who knew!)
  • Dora


To be able to

  • Turn into a unicorn
  • Turn into an adult
  • Be an army man
  • Become Ant Man, but I’m still a person
  • Fly
  • Tele-transport
  • Powersteal
  • Be in two places at once
  • Have a force field
  • Shoot webs like Spiderman
  • Be invisible
  • Read people’s minds
  • Have laser vision
  • Shapeshift
  • Be super fast and strong
  • Have laser vision
  • Change into other people’s bodies





You Scream, I Scream for Ice Cream


July is the perfect month for ice cream.  North Hill has some ice cream books just for you.

Strawberry and VanillaIce Cream 012



Teens & Tweens @ 2


Creative Things for Teens and Tweens: Cement Cloth Planters, Part 2

The cement planters had dried! We carefully pulled the cement pots apart from the plastic to reveal what they looked like on their own.


IMG_3482 IMG_3485



















Once they dry for another week or two, our participants can plants flowers directly into their new handmade pots!  For now though, they can display flowers in them that are planted in plastic pots.  Look how cool they all turned out to be!




Teens & Tweens @ 2


Creative Things for Teens and Tweens: Cement Cloth Planters

Messy mixing

Messy mixing


Last week we mixed Portland cement with Peat moss, Pearlite and water.











Once we got it to a nice, gloppy consistency, we dipped pieces of cloth in it until they were saturated with cement mix. Then we draped the cloth over plastic covered pots.




Then we left the creations to dry for a week… Stay tuned for how they turned out this week!




Tree Man? NatureConnect at North Hill


Creative blocksThese tree blocks and discovery table were donated to North Hill as part of the NatureConnect program.  We put it in the children’s area for creative minds to play with.

Today, our children’s librarian discovered that some enterprising children have carefully stacked these blocks.  Tree Man?

PNC donated the money for this wonderful NatureConnect program.


Wind Spirals Turn Plastic into Art


Roseann 015Colorful plastic bottles

Children and teens at North Hill color clear plastic bottles which children’s librarian Sally Bailey then cuts into colorful wind spirals.  What a great way to turn plastic bottles into art.





Superheroes Acting Class

Kim Eubank from Weathervane Playhouse led 15 kids from the North Hill area in theater exercises designed to focus their dramatic abilities.  The activities were loosely structured around the summer theme of Superheroes.  One activity was a take-off on the game “Hot Potato.” In this Superheroes themed-game, the children must quickly pass around a small object which they imagine is Kryptonite.  When the instructor says “Stop,” the kid holding the “deadly rock” draws on all their dramatic powers to play dead.

Weathervane 1 Weathervane 2



Weathervane Krypton 4 Weathervane Krypton 3


Eat Your Veggies


Ah!  Summer Eating!

Vegetables 001


North Hill NeedleCrafters


Needlecrafters banner 1

Six to seven members of the North Hill Needlecrafters group meet each Monday at North Hill library to crochet or knit afghans, hats, scarves, and sweaters.

Today, they are gathering and tagging 121 of these items destined to be donated to the Children’s Hospital, the Veteran’s Clinic, and Pregnancy Care.  The monetary worth of all these items is $3,000, but to the veterans, infants, and others who need a warm afghan or hat, these items and the love that goes into them is invaluable.

Below are the NeedleCrafters and their lovely hats, scarves, afghans, and baby clothes.

woman holding afghanknitting July 6 2015 002hatsknitting July 6 2015 028knitting July 6 2015 029knitting July 6 2015 037knitting July 6 2015 041